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Ayo, I’m Mir, your average young adult rider that digs the enduro style of riding in Perth. I’m no bike nerd expert mechanic person, however I have a pretty good sense on what I’m feeling on a bike. This blog is quite simple for you simple people out there and also eye opening to the tech nerds as well.

The MegNeg upgrade kit (Mega Negative) is a $140 negative air chamber for your shock which replaces the stock air can with a fat air can *negative air chamber* It’s an aftermarket product which is only compatible with RockShox Deluxe and Super Deluxe. The chamber can run up to 211% more pressure than your stock shock. The stroke progression is similar to a coil which have a linear stroke progression. In simpler words, it’s soft at the start of the progression, mid-stroke holds up really well and it’s quite hard to bottom out due to the higher pressure.

John Roncoroni, our suspension expert went above and beyond to setting up my suspension. He slapped on the MegNeg and added 3 tokens to my forks which compliments the characteristics of the MegNeg.

When I first hopped onto the bike it was really soft, like I’m going to jump off a curb and bottom out but after bouncing around and trying to bottom out I just couldn’t quite do it. I first took it to the Valley and straight away noticed that climbing was a little bit different, although with a small amount of pedal bob I noticed there was increase in traction. Though it did help roll over rocks, you don’t quite get bumped around or thrown off the saddle as you would on the standard air shock, this upgrade was rather a big plus for me because I tend to take rocky climbs.

My first descent was on Augustus Pablo and it was quite alien… I really felt the bike floating around especially the stroke diving in the corners, through the fast medium sized rock gardens it was the dream, fully fast and fully sick, held up like nothing else. it took me 4 runs until I adjusted to the bike. After a week on the MegNeg, my cornering was dialled if not faster thanks to the mid-stroke holding traction really well and also descending much faster through rock gardens and drops.

I’ve currently ridden the MegNeg for 2 months now and I still can’t push it to it’s maximum capability, I’ve tried pushing it and have broken a wheel on the way and put 5 plugs in a tire. I’ve upgraded to CushCore and a DH tire on the rear so I can keep pushing it. That’s how much I’ve progressed since riding the MEG.

In the link there’s a few clips of me riding down Pablo. In the first clip you can see the bike being forced into the rock garden and still carrying speed. This is due to the support in the mid strokes and the MegNeg not bottoming out.



I would recommend this upgrade to any trail rider or gnarlier because it changes the suspension for the better and also is hundreds of dollars cheaper than a coil AND LIGHTER. In contrast to a coil, it is more tuneable with the use of a regular shock pump and adding or subtracting bands in the negative chamber as well as the positive.

Honestly it feels like a different bike. It’s brought out much more potential in the bike and has really improved my approach to riding, being super aggressive and reckless which I’m absolutely loving at the moment. My confidence has gone through the roof which will come back around and bite me on the ass at some point, but honestly who cares when you’re having that much fun.


By Mir Ng,

Instagram: @mir116

Photo/Video: @pxtrick_tang @josef_reedi

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