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Wilderness Tested: Yeti SB4.5c

By March 22, 2017Bike News

Yeti Cycles is unveiling its new SB4.5c, the much-anticipated 29-inch-wheeled trail bike that shares the same Switch Infinity suspension design as the popular SB5c and SB6c.

This carbon-framed beast boasts 4.5 inches of travel and will start at $6,900. Bike editor-in-chief Brice Minnigh was lucky enough to spend over half of June riding the SB4.5c during his bikepacking adventure in the Caucasus Mountains of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

Though riding this new bike fully loaded with food and survival gear was a highly unorthodox way to ‘test’ the SB4.5c, Minnigh had ample opportunity to ride free of bags on the rugged, high-alpine trails his team encountered on their journey. Read on for some of Minnigh’s impressions and other background details straight from the Yeti’s mouth.

What better way to truly test a new bike than to take it into one of the world’s wildest mountain ranges for three weeks of unbridled adventure?

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