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Coach’s Corner

Coach’s Corner

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Winter Training


Well, it’s officially winter and while we’ve been fortunate with some good autumn weather here in Perth, it’s inevitable that this will change over the coming weeks and months. Motivation is easily gained on a sunny day, but just as easily lost on cold, wet and windy wintery days when we search for every excuse not to get out and ride! Unfortunately, when motivation is low our training can lack consistency and fitness levels quickly decrease.


If you’re looking to lay the foundations for a great 2019/2020 season, then these tips may be just what you need to stay focused and on track this winter:


  1. Enter an event: This is my sure fire way to stay on track! Picking an event need not only be about a big race – you could choose to do a grand fondo, or even plan a riding trip with mates. Once you’ve entered or made a commitment you have an end goal to focus on and can work backwards to put together an appropriate training plan with plenty of ‘built in’ motivation.


  1. Train in a group: Training with others can be easier than on your own on those cold and wet mornings. Knowing that your friends are waiting for you (and not wanting to let them down) is a great motivator, especially if you are all training for the same event. Throw in the added bonus of some good company for your post-ride coffee stop and you’re smiling! Remember, there’s always plenty of group motivation to be found on our Speed Shop river loop rides on Wednesday mornings, or hit the trails with us on Thursday mornings.


  1. Get a program/coach: Okay, this may not be an option for everyone, but having a qualified coach, or at least a tailored program to follow, can take the guesswork out of knowing how to keep the momentum going throughout winter. A program that factors in your ability, available time and training goals can provide the structure and accountability you need to stick with it and you’ll be much less likely to miss sessions and cut corners.


  1. Winter-proof your gear: To make winter riding more comfortable and enjoyable it’s a no brainer that you should be heading out in appropriate gear. Essential basics include a base layer, arm warmers, knee warmers and long fingered gloves. Don’t forget some booties or toe covers to keep your feet warm and a well-fitting windbreaker or rain jacket. The key is to dress in layers so you can easily remove them as you warm up.


  1. Have a ‘Plan B’ in mind: For those days when the weather is just too bad, there are other options to get your training done and not waste an opportunity. One of the latest crazes is for indoor trainer sessions using programs such as Swift and Trainer Road which offer a multitude of different programs and can even have you racing against others. Alternatively, use the chance to do an all-important strength and core training session, which can easily be done indoors with minimal equipment and space.


If you need advice on indoor trainers or would like a strength program, do come in and see me and I’ll be able to get you sorted.




Plan ahead to make this your best ever winter training season and you’ll be reaping the rewards next summer!

Coach’s Corner

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My name is Pascal and you can find me front of house at the Speed Shop.

Being the new kid on the block, I’ll be writing regular blogs for the Coach’s Corner to keep you updated on all the new and exciting products coming in-store. The Coach’s Corner blogs will also provide you with tips and advice on training and how to best prepare for your next event. If nothing else, it may help you to think about your training differently and work out how you may be able to do it just that little bit better! As well as the blogs, I’ll look forward to running a monthly Coach’s Corner workshop in-store. These workshops will be designed to delve a little deeper and will provide an ideal opportunity to ask questions.

Who am I? Well, I’m a current triathlon coach and registered fitness professional with over twenty years experience in the fitness industry. I love riding of all forms, whether it’s lining up for a road race, a short course triathlon (or even the odd Ironman event) or challenging myself to head out to the hills for some off-road action.

Watch out for workshop dates and in the meantime, enjoy reading the blogs. Do come in for a chat and let me know if you implement any of my tips, as I’d love to know what works for you!