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Cannondale SuperSix Evo. How good is it? Read on…

Yes. It’s Good. It’s really good!

Ok, are you ready for the sell? The stats, details, Balistech Carbon, lighter, faster and watts. Flashy dot points?  Question marks? Exclamation marks! THE HASH TAGS?!? * TAKES BREATH*

Oh…you don’t want that?

We didn’t think so. Check your feeds or email subscriptions for the fine points. Once you’re done with that, roll down and roll out on one of our Super Six Evo FORCE AXS demo bikes. See for yourself how good it is.

Also, see how good the new SRAM AXS is. Also Discs. Also Carbon wheels. NEW BIKES WOOH!

Ok you get the picture. Come for a ride.

Sit tight for a full ride review from Coach in the coming week.