Size Up

A Short Appointment that will change your position for the better. We don’t just think fit, we believe its an essential part of purchasing a bike. This is our rudimental fit, covering the basics that so many get wrong. When purchasing a bike from us we include this for free. Brought somewhere else and didn’t get the result you wanted? Call us to discuss an appointment.


Body Geometry Bicycle Fit

A longer process but this will change the way you ride forever. One of the few medically backed fit methods. We start with an interview, discussing your concerns, problems and history. From there we move on to a physical assessment – this is a methodical fit after all we never judge a book by its cover. Finally we will take what we have learned from you and apply it to your bicycle. Its about fitting the bike to you, not fitting you to the bike.

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Sven Steinhart
Certified Body Geometry Fit Specialist

My love for bikes started fairly early at the age of 4 and I’ve ridden and raced MTB, road and fixed gear since then. Getting people into cycling and onto the right bike for them has always been a core belief and passion of mine. Since completing my Level I Body Geometry Fit course under the guidance of the founder of the method Dr.Andy Pruitt in 2012 I gained a much greater understanding of the biomechanics involved, the so to speak marriage between bike and rider. I moved onto completing the advanced level II Body Geometry Fit course and in 2016, again under the guidance of Dr. Pruitt became one of only 5 Certified Body geometry Fit Specialists in Australia, one of only 130 worldwide.

Having performed hundreds of fits and seeing the benefits to riders no matter what the specific goals of the rider were a proper bike fit is a key investment for any cyclist not only to maximise performance but also to avoid injury and having a much more enjoyable riding experience.

Dan Holmes
Level 1 Body Geometry Ride Fitter

I have a passion for getting the right bike for each customer that comes through our door.  The fit training not only allows me to assist clients in their choice of the correct bike for them, it also allows me to help with their current bike.  Even preforming a short Size up can see a change that a lot of riders never thought possible.