The R&D Speed Shop Team are here to get exactly what you want and need – not what we want to sell you.

Shop Staff

Dan Holmes

Owner / Sales / Mechanic / Bicycle Fitter

I created the Speed Shop not to sell a ton of bikes but to create a community of like-minded people around it. I have been very fortunate to discover and employ a staff of people that truly believe and share my vision of empowering people to ride but most importantly enjoy it.

First up I’m a bike dork, I love light weight, blinged out, odd ball and retro bicycles. I love the culture, the racing and the freedom that comes from riding a bike. I wanted to create a home for people who can build their dream ride from kitted out kids bikes to bikes that no one NEEDS but people want.

Everyone’s a rider, they might just not know it yet.


Mir Ng

Digital Marketer / Sales

I really enjoy riding...

Steph Larkin


Sven Steinhart

Certified Body Geometry Fit Specialist/ Mechanic / Sales

Jack Anesbury

Bike Mechanic / Sales

John Roncoroni

Mechanic / Sales