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By July 29, 2021Gear, Uncategorized

Skin Grows Back Plan B Saddle Bag…

They could quite possibly be the coolest saddle bags on the MTB and Road market right now. Offering a diverse range of colour combinations and designs, there’s a guarantee design tailored to your personality.

There are many points of attachments to the bag so you can goto town attaching cool little things to it. Not only that, but enough space to carry CO2, tire levers, multi tool, gel and probably a tube! When I attached the bag to the saddle I was really impressed how snug the bag stuck to it, there was very little movement and held its composure thanks to the hefty magnetic strap which is much less fiddly compared velcro or a clip.

Unlike other saddle bags, the SGB Plan B’s design is super unique following the path of practicality and style which is definitely the way to go!

*Warning, it may seem as if people are looking at your ass, don’t worry it’s just the bag*

To see more design and colour variants, visit our Web Shop in the link below!


Blog Mir Ng

Bike: @lar_kin_

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