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We service all makes models and sizes. At R&D Speed Shop you can speak directly to your mechanic, we conduct almost all servicing on site from complete strip downs to wheel builds. Most services are turned around in a day – we won’t keep your pride and joy out in the weather.

Take a look through our short menu or call and discuss your specific needs.

The Tune Up

Smooth is Fast, Fast is Smooth – this basic service will iron most bumps out of your ride allowing you to stay fast.


Standard Bike


Mini Bike
(Single Speeds/Kids Coaster Bikes)

The Tune Up PLUS

Daily grind include the feel on your bike? This is for you.



Street Rider Overhaul


Dirt Fighter Overhaul

Mac Daddy Service

This is a full strip down of your stead right down to your chainring bolts. Every removable object and bolt comes out and is greased / lubed before reinstallation. Wheels are tension checked dished and trued.



(Inc Replacement Cables / Di2 Reflash)


(Inc Replacement Cables / Di2 Reflash)

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Our first class workshop has a strong attention to detail With almost every tool to repair and service your ride.


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