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Continental CX Cyclo King RS 700x32c

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The Continental Cyclo X King Clincher Tire is the ultimate race tire for the competitive cyclocross athlete. With the most advanced rubber compound on the market and an award-winning tread design, this tire is ready for the most demanding courses.
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The BlackChili rubber compound is a blend of synthetic and natural rubbers mixed with nanometric carbon soot particles. Together they decrease rolling resistance, increase grip in wet conditions, and prove more durable than ever before.
The RaceSport carcass combines light construction and superb protection against flats through punctures and foreign material.
Surprisingly fast and smooth rolling, it has amazing grip in looser sections of the course. The 32mm casing meets UCI regulations.
The Continental Cyclo X King Clincher Tire is a great race tire for the racer looking for versatility in a cyclocross course’s changing conditions.
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